Dear Baseball Now! | When the Season Ends the Advice Begins  


by Dave Daly


It’s now September and the Eastern League regular season has come to an end. As of writing this article, it’s still technically possible for our Rubber Ducks to make the playoffs. However, it’s looking less and less likely. In order to fill the void, now is the time to turn your attention to the major league as teams look towards a playoff birth. How are the Indians doing? Right now they currently sit atop the American League Central Division and appear to be on their way to October baseball.

With the end of the Ducks and Racers glorious seasons here in Akron, it’s once again that time of year where I answer some of our readers’ questions. Without further ado, I give you Dear Baseball Now!


Dear Baseball Now,

What’s a must do when attending a baseball game?

Find time to walk around the ballpark. I like checking out every accessible nook and cranny. Watching the game from different areas is always neat and there are dynamite people watching opportunities all over the place. Whether it’s a drunk guy trying to get a foul ball before a little kid totally beats them, or a run in with the Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters, you’re in for some fun observations.

Not a must do, but more of a pro tip is that some ballparks allow outside food. Seriously. Canal Park doesn’t, unfortunately, but if you are attending a game elsewhere, look up the rules regarding consumables. Yankee Stadium, home of the worst team in sports, allows attendees to bring in food. NYC has unlimited takeout options for a fraction of the cost of food from within. If you’re travelling and baseballin’, get informed! Oh yeah, sneak booze in too.  


Dear Baseball Now,

What would you think if a Rubber Duck took a knee or sat during the National Anthem?

It’s pretty clear that if an athlete chooses not to participate by standing during the Anthem, they are either sitting or taking a knee for the injustices imposed on millions of people in this country on a daily basis. If that gets your blood boiling, then make like Tom and cruise. Seriously, go meet somebody outside of your safe little bubble and get triggered. It’s the only way you’re going to grow as a human. Obviously, I’d support any Rubber Duck or other athlete that takes a knee for a noble cause.


Dear Baseball Now,

My partner is the love of my life. However, they do not like baseball. In fact, they despise it! Is there any hope I will ever be able to convince them to join me at a game?

Any relationship should be based on balance. There are enough non-baseball related incentives in any ballpark to make it worthwhile for the non-fans to enjoy themselves. Trying playing to the strengths of the experience. The food, festive atmosphere and theme nights are fun for all. Of course, if your significant other can’t deal, you can end what sounds like a great relationship or, alternatively, just go to games with folks that do enjoy it and let your partner off the hook.  It’s their loss anyways!


Dear Baseball Now,

My parents are Trump supporters. I am not. We all love baseball. What do I do?

I’d like to say it could be worse and they could be Yankees fans, but I’d be lying. It would be fake news. The way I see it is you’ve got two options: suck it up and enjoy the best sport on the planet together or wait until 2020 and see what happens. Either way, let your point of view be known and don’t sugar coat it.

Yours in Baseball


If the Ducks make the playoffs look for information on dates, times and tickets at

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